4th and Inches
  Mrs. Gates gave the class an assignment where the objectives were to teach us how to write a five paragraph essay, how to describe characters, and how to imbed quotes. This whole project was about The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. Every classmate chose a character and an emotion that has to do with that character. I chose Dally, and his emotion was “reckless.” I chose Dally and reckless because it reminded me of myself and some of family members. I had big difficulty writing this essay, but when I finished, I did fairly well on this project.

Recklessness is when a person does things not knowing or caring about what could happen. People who are reckless do some reckless things like DUI, using drugs, or any other stupid thing. Dally is reckless in the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

Dally is reckless when he fights and drinks because he may be strong, but he cannot do a thing when he is drunk. When Dally is in New York, he commits a lot of crimes because of his drinking habits and his association with gang members. He jumps people, fights people and, even robs a grocery store when he is in New York. Yet he still continues to do some bad things and drink a lot even after he went to jail. When Pony Boy needs his help, Johnny replies, “Dally is sleeping off a hangover, and Darry was working.” (pg. 66) He is reckless because he drinks too much.

Another time Dally is reckless is where he and Johnny are wandering around a drug store. They open the bottles of a few Cokes and then shoot straws at the waitress who walks by from time to time. This is the definition of recklessness. Then Darry picks up the phone from their house. Ponyboy asks “who was that?” Darry replied, “It was Dally, He called from a phone booth. He’s just robbed a grocery store and the cops are after him.” (pg. 153)

                Dally finally realizes the meaning of his recklessness when he runs into his friends Johnny and Ponyboy, at the hospital. When he sees them, he asked “How’s the kid?” and Ponyboy replies “He passed out cold before we left him.” (pg. 125) Dally assumes Johnny is dead, and he loved Johnny. In fact, he pretty much sees him as a brother. When Johnny dies, Dally then robs a grocery store, and then he threatens a police officer with his hand gun. This gun is not loaded. The cop sees the gun, and then the officer shoots and kills Dally.

                People who are reckless are important because they force the government to make new laws, and it sometimes represents freedom. Sometimes being reckless has bad consequences like jail, pain, or death. Without reckless people, we wouldn’t have such a strong police force and the laws we have right now. Dally was reckless in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton when he gets in fights and drank too much, he robs a grocery store, and he attacks law enforcement officers. I am sometimes reckless when I do not think, and I don’t realize what could happen for some things I do. I wish I were not that reckless.  

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