4th and Inches
Hi, welcome to my Weebly Website/ e-portfolio. This website was made to help me learn to get better at writing reflections about my work so if I do an assignment like this again, I have all my strategies and options ready.  The purpose of the e-portfolio is so I can showcase all of the work I do in Language Arts and other subjects. I have five main pages: “Home”, “About Me”, “L. Arts”, “Science/Science Fair” and, "Social Studies/History." They are all right above this paragraph.  The Home page is pretty obvious because you are reading the introduction on it right now.  The “About Me” page is pretty much EXACTLY what the title is. The one difference is that there are some of my Language Arts projects in the page, but they do kind of resemble me. “L. Arts” page is about what I have done in Language Arts in 7th grade which is this year. Don’t forget to click my Glogster sub page.  At last, the “Science/Science Fair” page is about what I have done in science and science fair. If you click it, a blog will pop up, but if you put your cursor on it, a few sub pages will show up. These are all for science fair and they go down in order. The sub page that is called “Questions and Variables” is the first one, and the last one is titled “Bibliography for Science.” So have fun searching. Remember to comment on my subjects, and welcome to 21st century learning!

Mrs. Gates
3/9/2010 06:09:07 am

Anthony, I am so impressed with the amount of work you put into your Science and Social Studies pages. Yours is an exemplary website. Remember to include your "I am Anne Frank" assignment on your Language Arts page. Good work!


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