4th and Inches
Welcome to my English Class page. In English class we did some pretty fun projects like we read Lord of the Flies, which was very entertaining.  My favorite assignment was The In-Came assignment: the in-came assignment is we took a paragraph from Charles dickens A Christmas Carol and had to alter it to our own liking. Then we had to right a short story using the same skeleton as a Christmas carol. My story is about a blood thirsty mobster who has to change his ways. My story is not posted yet due to technical difficulties so it will be up later. I thought writing this story was pretty fun too. In the beginning of the year we did a series of poems we had to write, and I  put my two favorite "Ode to the Football Helmet" and "The Sickness." I have also posted my class goals and my 8th grade metaphor  so feel free to comment or view any of my pages.

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