4th and Inches
I was inspired to write this because I love football.

Lying in its bed

Known as the football bag,

The helmet awakens

To the blistering sun’s waves,

It is made up of slashes

Of white, green, yellow and black,

Underneath lies its face

Made of slick metal bars

Some dented,

These are the wounds

Suffered during

The harsh conditions

On the front line

(of scrimmage)

The helmet’s face

Is perfectly designed

And prepared

To defend the man behind it

The chin strap serves as an anchor,

Holding the helmet in place,

Making sure everything

Is in check

Like a flight crew,

When the helmet is securely fastened,

It shows absolutely no fear

And no emotion,

Because it has no brain

Deep behind it’s plastic skull

Is a soft air filled cushion

Stained yellow

From the sweat of the

Player who dwells inside.

The helmet gladly protects

It is a volunteer soldier

Just like its allies

The shoulder pad, the hip pad,

Thigh pad and the knee pad,

They will protect their leader…

The player

But the helmet is different,

Because a player

Can live without an arm, or a leg

But he needs a head to survive

Now the helmet may rest until

Next Sunday it must go to war again…

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