4th and Inches
Savage or Civilized:

I believe the human race is more “savage” than civilized because if you look at the way we have become a civil society is through the killing of animals and of course other people. But it wasn’t just a normal fight for dominance, we tortured people, enslaved them, murdered them. If there were no leaders and law enforcement it would be people living in tress just killing each other for no apparent reason. Humans have helped the world in a way, but have done more harm than good. Look at global warming our machines are slowly killing the place where we live. People say that killing pigs and cows is cruel yet they eat a cheese burger for dinner the same day. Some people believe ruining other people’s lives so theirs can be better is okay. Scientist predict the earth will live for another 2 billion years. If you think about it that is if humans were not in existence, with people the earth has a couple million. In Lord of the Flies Jack started torturing the other kids and killing them, not because he is a savage, because he is a psychopath. If the timing is right people turn into monsters. The boys should have all worked together and they had the chance to but they didn’t.  Ralph should have worked with jack, he should have let jack have control so the war at the end would not happen.

What Golding wanted you to know:

Goldberg wanted me to take the fact that teamwork always works. If jack would have shut up and complied with Ralph the kids could have gotten off the island with no casualties. Instead Jack decided to split and pretty much start a war. He wanted me to relate this story to something else like I have job and my coworker is a jerk, is really annoying and I absolutely hate him. If I want to make money I have to deal with it and do my job so I can achieve my goal. Golding wanted us to the story and relate it to real life. The book makes me look at making decisions in a whole new way, instead of just doing them He wanted me to think what I do before I do. I think this book is supposed to be like a life tutor, in the form of a story. Because almost everything that happened in the book can be related to real life decisions like getting a job and dealing with a bully at school.  He is trying to teach kids about doing the right thing using an entertaining story.

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