4th and Inches
In came the janitor with a mop. And approached the grotesque spill, and made a mess out of it, and it sounded like a waves splashing. In came the CEO, with a horrid grin on his face. In came the three Big shots, spending and wealthy. In came the six interns who cannot get promoted. In came everyone who worked in the office. In came the secretary with her father, the corporate manager. In came the marketing specialist, with his sister’s husband, the financial advisor. In came Linda, who was seen not refilling the coffee machine, trying to camouflage herself behind Phil, who was proved to have been fired that morning. In they all came one after another, some happily, some tragically, some stubbornly, some discretely, some rushing, some walking; in they all came, anyhow and every how. 

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    January 2011



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