4th and Inches

My Mandala

My mandala is about my life and what I like to do. The first slice is the football one. The football slice is one of the slices that represent what I like to do. I made this slice because of my obsession with my favorite sport… FOOTBALL. This slice shows a lot of things, one of them is the red football helmet. That red football helmet helps represents how I played for the Carmel Panthers youth football team, and if you look across of the slice of my life pie, you will see the number 22. Number 22 was my number on the Panthers. My parents (dad in particular) always ask me questions about football. My dad and I just recently became addicted to a Super Bowl trivia game on NFL.com. Now that you read this and heard about the football, look at little thing under it that looks like a dragon. This “dragon”   is actually the Denver Broncos logo. The logo shows that I am a Broncos fan and also shows how terrible I am at drawing. The logo next to the Denver broncos/dragon is the Indianapolis Colts logo. This is my brother’s favorite team. If Denver plays the Colts, Jeffrey and I have a huge fight and watch the game.

If you look up to the green slice with the poorly drawn animals in it. You see are a crow and a bull. The crow represents how annoying and weird I am, because as my parents and my friends say to me every day, “Shut up Anthony!” so that is why it is a crow. Right behind it is the upside-down bull. This bull represents strength and my speed. This is because I enjoy the gym and I was the 3rd fastest for the Carmel Panthers. By running the 40-yard dash in 6.8 seconds.

Look above the green slice, you will see a slice that is all black. This represents my favorite color… black. My favorite slice is the one that says “My Life Pie” which I made to admire my other addiction to the turkey pot pies my mom makes on thanksgiving. The pie is made with stuffing, turkey, gravy, peas, and carrots and is the most delicious thing known to man.

The next slice of “my life pie” of the things that doesn’t represent me, like the Dodo bird and the circles. The circles are my least favorite shape and the dodo is freakishly smart and not annoying. There is earthworm and an oak tree which the worm is a sign of weakness in my view and the oak tree shows my least favorite place to be. Another slice that doesn’t represent me is the one that says 33 and the fire is frying it. Well that is exactly what it is doing I despise the number 33 so the fire is burning it.

 In the next slice it shows river, a palm tree, and two diamonds. The two diamonds are there because it is my birth stone. The palm tree represents where I like to be, and the river is shows how much I like to swim.

The last slice is the red one, and this represents two random things. It has money and triangles. The money shows how I like to work a for reward, and the triangles represent my favorite shape. That’s all there is to my life pie.



About Me

The picture obviously shows I am a huge football fan. My favorite NFL teams are the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers. I have pretty much never missed an NFL game on TV. Also I am not a huge fan of college football, but when an NFL game is not on, I switch the channel to a college football game. I am either watching a football game, or I am bored to tears. I called this web page "4th and Inches" because most of the things I do, I always fall short of the goal I am reaching, like the time I tried to get all B's on my report card. I almost achieved this goal, but I got a 79% and a 76% in two different classes. Another time I was playing a football scrimmage with some of my friends on the youth football team my brother and I played for. The rules were the offensive linemen; (my brother and I) were all running backs, wide receivers, or the quarterback. I was playing as the quarterback, and I threw the ball to the person who usually plays as the center; he caught and fell down half a yard from the goal line, and the clock ran out. We were down by six, and we lost tragically.

                    I have three pets, two cats and a beautiful yellow lab. The dog is my favorite animal because I own one but, my dog is different, he is the craziest dog known to man. Divot (my dog’s name) has one of the same interests as me... Getting Exercise. Exercising is my favorite thing to do because not only do I get stronger I enjoy it.  My hobbies are sports and education. If I am not watching football games i am either studying or playing a sport like tennis, basketball, or swimming.

Favorites list: Movies, TV shows, and books

-          “The Book of Eli”

-          “The Crazies”

-          “The Other Guys”

-          “I am Legend”



-          “NFL”

-          “Family Guy”

-          “South Park”

-          “ESPN”

-          “NCAA”



-          “300 Pounds of Attitude”

Bands, and songs



"Down With the Sickness"




“We Made You”
“Lose Yourself”
“White America”
“Music Box”
“Sing for the Moment”
“Without Me”
"Till I Collapse"
"Bagpipes from Baghdad"



“Like Yeah”
“The Beast”
“Caribou Lou”
“Einstein TECH N9NE”
"Let's Go"
"Sinister Tech"


  “The Red”

“Sleep Aqnea”


System of a Down




"Chop Suey"


Other Songs

          “Ladies and Gentlemen”- Saliva

-          “Lose it”-Atreyu

-          “The Look”-Roxette

-           “Headstrong”-Trapt

-          “Never Scared”-Bone Crusher

-          “Becoming the Bull"-Atreyu

-          “Jane Fonda”-Mickey Avalon

-          “Welcome to Atlanta”-Ludacris

-      "Bat Country"- Avenged Seven Fold

-     "Thizzelle Dance"- Mac Dre
-      " Ice Cream"- Mac Dre